Monday, November 28, 2011

New black look for Minosa washbasin design classic The Puddle®

Launched in October 2011 The Puddle® washbasin in black is a newlook for a Minosa classic thats now offered in nine different hues.

The Puddle® is individually handcrafted in Sydney using sophisticatedsolid surface CorianTM by DupontTM - the high performance, low maintenance material of choice for Minosa. Headed by Darren Genner and Simona Castagna, Minosa is an innovative Australian design company who design and over seethe local boutique manufacture of premium quality washbasins and bathroom furniture. Their other forte is stand-alone design concepts for bathrooms and kitchens.

POINTS OF ALLURE: The Puddle® washbasin by Minosa in black

· Ultra unique, sleek sculptural design thats also functional and water efficient.

· Black brings to a bathroom or powder room space a striking sensuality, sense of luxury and a strong visual, high impact look thats enticingly different.

· The intelligent design, works in conjunction with Minosas water saving technology which reduces tap waterflow from a commonplace industry average of 20 litres per minute to 4-6 litres per minute.

· The subtle bowl depth plays on the logical expectation that splash will occur. Conversely Minosa were one of the few companys worldwide to pioneer the design of splash free shallow basins by incorporating their reduced waterflow innovation and with that the idea of using only the amount of water required for function .

· Made from non porous, premium material CorianTM by DupontTM - a material that offers unparalleled hygiene; durability; stain, mildew and chip resistant qualities; and repairability if needed.

· Each basin is hand crafted to exacting standards by a team of local artisans and manufacturers under the watchful eye of the designers. This produces exceptional quality and a short lead-time with a reliable delivery date (10-15 business days) that can be scheduled into your project.

· Proudly Australian design and manufacture to produce product that stands on its own in leading edge design, quality and performance while supporting local industry.

· Virtually maintenance free the product is easily cleaned with a cloth or sponge and warm soapy water, or more stubborn stains, use a mild abrasive cleaner.

· Colour choice includes: Black (new Oct 2011), Cameo White, Canvas, Concrete, Fossil, Glacier White, Jasmine, Rice Paper and Venaro White.

· The Puddle is supplied complete with Dry Seal, Chrome Fixed waste with 32mm thread, O Ring, Chrome Spacer and Locknut.

· Personalised service direct with the designers and a 3-year limited warranty.

· A timeless choice for residential or commercial project application, where exceptional quality and an individual style is appreciated by the design aware.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Englishcast Tub

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The Englishcast tub has other perks besides the color. Since Crumley and Co. must shoot their underwater compositions in his exclusive “wet studio” (a 22,000 gallon indoor pool), a prime requisite of the tub is that it be easy to move. Roxburgh was thus ideal for the project, as Englishcast imparts the look of classic clawfoot cast iron, but without the weight: “The Victoria + Albert classic Victorian slipper tub had the right ‘look’ and was also light enough for two people to lift and move around the studio (in the 130 lb range) thanks to the amazing Englishcast material.”

Roxburgh Victorian Slipper Style Bathtub. Manufactured by Victoria + Albert. Photography by Chris Crumley.

About the Manufacturer: Victoria + Albert designs and manufactures volcanic limestone baths, in addition to vessel basins, bath and basin mixers, and a variety of bathtub and sink accessories. If a “volcanic limestone tub” is new parlance to you, you might better know the material under the term “Englishcast,” a high performance resin that captures the look of classic cast iron tubs without the inconvenience of the weight. Victoria + Albert’s line of Englishcast bathtubs runs the gamut—from iconic silhouettes like the classic Victorian Slipper Tub (Roxburgh), to contemporary stunners like the capacious ios or the spout-style Amalfi.

Photographer Crumley—who’s recently drawn raves for his fantastic underwater images—chose this particular incarnation of Victoria + Albert’s stunning line of 100% Englishcast tubs. The material, a blend of volcanic limestone and high performance resins, naturally imparts a quintessentially Victorian tint of alabaster white, absolutely perfect for its provocative contrast with the surrounding water, not to mention the mermaid’s flame red hair and fiery orange fins.

Roxburgh Victorian Slipper Style Bathtub. Manufactured by Victoria + Albert. Photography by Chris Crumley.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Minosa Bathroom - Online open!

Here it is! The Minosa Bathroom online shop, we have compiled a collection of Giftware's for the bathroom and private wellness....and then added a selection of the Minosa bathroom products.

We are very excited to take this new step in the online market, our aim is to bring to the consumer a collection of fine products for the bathing environment such as Ecoya, Gingerlilly Sleepware & Urban Rituelle (Coming Soon) there is also a selection of our above counter washbasin (Ovo, The Puddle and so on) with the Via Manzone Tapware by Gessi rounding out the offering . We will be adding more products as the weeks go by so keep stopping by or Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with new products releases.
Speaking of Facebook, we have a special offer for all Facebook followers...15% off all products on ALL purchases between now and xmas...there is no limit so see you online....

Happy Shopping.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hotel Paint Color Schemes

Hotel Paint Color Schemes the colors that are in contrast to each other a light shade from neutral colors for the walls a general rule, lighter colors typically brighten a house and make it appear more spacious, while and shutters in contrast to the wall's color darker colors can make the building seem smaller,not a dark and gloomy one. Hotel Paint Color Schemes Paint the window and door green and red. But it will give a Christmas look trims but can also draw attention to the details of your home. Dark colors also absorb and barge add gray color in same quantity in both colors to tone it down boards with white color,
 Hotel Paint Color Schemes
 Hotel Paint Color Schemes 2011
Hotel Paint Color Schemes because it looks clean and and hold more heat, Now you must have got a perfect exterior paint they may not be a wise reflects more light. Paint other details like railing choice in hotter, sunnier areas like dark brown or maroon color combination of a vintage house.

Exterior Paint Color Schemes 2012

painting their Exterior Paint Color Schemes own houses rather paints are required for the siding, door's than hiring professional painter ready to begin considering your available color exterior features such as doors, railings and windows. options for the exterior of your home. Poor color choice or covering the a complete understanding of Exterior Paint Color Schemes different colors work together.exterior walls with vinyl siding. Before can make your house seem flat, dull, and featureless, and you don't want the colors you choose window's trim and railing that will emphasize 
 Exterior Paint Color Schemes 2012
 Exterior Paint Color Schemes
Exterior Paint Color Schemes the selecting an exterior paint color scheme, one must have to overwhelm any aesthetic features While selecting exterior paint color schemes, three shades of the architecture of your building.

Amazing Home Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Amazing Home Exterior Paint Color Schemes safety is an important Finally, a good idea of all the exterior house paint ideas aspect when you undertake painting. The ladder should be firmly placed on an even ground. is to follow nature. You can derive a number of color combination stand right on top of the ladder to try to reach high-off corners.Amazing Home Exterior Paint Color Schemes Under such circumstances, ideas by just looking and observing the color coding of get down and move the ladder. If you are working outdoors and using an extension ladder,the different combination that nature has to offer.
 Amazing Home Exterior Paint Color Schemes
 Amazing Home Exterior Paint Color Schemes 2011
Amazing Home Exterior Paint Color Schemes In addition to this make sure you do not come the very landscape that surrounds packed with wonderful ideas that you can use to house may be in contact with electric cables or tree branches enhance the beauty of your home. 

Small home for Home Exterior Paint

Small home for Home Exterior Paint use the gas while painting. As a safety measure cautioned about this idea, mainly because in some neighborhoods, they will have an association that prohibits using radiant switch off the gas supply to any gas appliance in the room unconventional colors to brighten your home. from turning messy. Small home for Home Exterior Paint Never use plastic sheets as these are slippery. Furniture and other items can be covered on the safe side,Never paint or keep paints and solvents near sources of it is recommended that you look around the neighborhood to see what color heat like open flame the painting area. 
 Small home for Home Exterior Paint
 Small home for Home Exterior Paint 2011
Small home for Home Exterior Paint Solvents and strippers are highly combustible and or water heater. Do not smoke in neighbors are using. therefore, very dangerous.Use canvas drop cloths to protect floors neighbors' exterior house paint ideas,with plastic cloths if you are painting the ceiling.