Friday, December 21, 2007

Thank God for technology!

I haven't been updating this blog as frequently as I would like. Very often, I would be rushing to meet deadlines and the only free time I have after finishing whatever work I have for the day would be spent reading. Yes, I'm a voracious reader!

Today, I would like to highlight the benefits of technology - something most of us have taken for granted in this time and age. When I started to learn designing, it was the tough old fashion way - hand-drawn! And presentation was a big headache, both for the customer and for me. If I happened to meet the most unimaginative person... however hard I tried showing the colour and material samples, I just couldn't get the message across! And some customers tried to use their own favourite colours for walls but ended up shocked with the end result. During those early days we didn't provide consultancy on colour matching for those who chose to go about it (the painting, I mean) the DIY way but we later realise that however much effort we put into our renovation work, at the end of the day just a minor error like the wrong colour scheme would spoil the whole pot of broth.

No more unpleasant surprises. Photo realistic images.

Design stage :

Actual job delivered :

Since the day we embraced new technology by upgrading to a 3D software for presentations, a lot of hassles and mistakes have been avoided. We now save so much time on preparing sample boards, and clients are happier now that they can envision what we are talking about. And most important, we now can avoid the perennial problem whereby clients end up unhappy with the way their choice of colours turn out.

Easier to envision a new theme with exotic, exciting colours.

Thinking of conservative warm grey tones ?

Or exotic tropical greens!

Even more important, we can now coax clients who are thinking of giving their house a fresh coat of paint to try something new and more exciting rather than sticking to the totally safe colours of white or beige.

Yes! If your house had been white or beige for the last 10 years, it's high time you change for a more daring outlook. No one would notice your new coat of paint if you repainted everything the exact hues as it had been all this while! When it's time for a makeover, make sure everyone notices!
The wonders of electronic mail.
With the help of electronic communication, I can even work with an Australian construction team without my physical presence! This bathroom design above is meant for a log cabin resort project facing the Himalayan mountains. Yeah, the world is getting smaller...

The next time I update this blog, I would like to write about mistakes in renovation. Most mortals renovate their houses less than 3 times in their lifetime. Your first renovation is likely to be full of regrets, then comes the second time when you are wiser and can avoid many costly mistakes but alas, many mistakes done on structural changes cannot be undone without spending even more money. As contractors, we have definitely much more experience than consumers so I hope to share some possible mistakes made by first-timers.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fun and Funky

Every room may be accented with a fun or funky chair. I particularly love to accent with animal prints, they make great accents on pillows, chairs, table runners and rugs.
If you find an old chair recover it and add a pillow as pictured here for more statement. For an elegant room add an exposed wood chair and upholster it in a fabulous tapestry using a pattern which ties in other colors in the room.

Children's room can be a lot of fun for your imagination adding an accent chair with colors, colors and more colors and will provide a comfortable place for you, allowing those precious moments in your child's environment, for the special bonding moments.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rugs to Riches

What does a "Real Persian Rug" mean? It means the carpet is hand-knotted in IRAN and is not an imitation made in Pakistan, India, Turkey or elsewhere. This is a significant issue. Even though carpets may look the same superficially, they are not. Carpets that are made in IRAN are dyed differently, usually with vegetable pigments. In addition, the Persian knot is different. If you have a very tight budget, an imitation is probably a reasonable solution, but if you are looking for something that will keep its color and quality for a long time, buy a "Real Persian carpet". Always ask for a certificate of authenticity. I recommend a book titled, "Rugs to Riches", by Caroline Bosley, purchasing authentic pieces is an investment, this book will educate and enlighten most of your questions. I also recommend"Woodlands Rug Gallery which is shown in my links area. Mention your online designer referred you.
A personal favorite is the oriental with a silk wool blend. Always start with size and color choice, then let your dealer educate you and your designer assist in placement and room arrangement, then enjoy this luxurious accent for that final statement of your own style in your home or office.