Sunday, February 27, 2011

Floral Compliments



Wedding invitations in 3 dimension, a friend of mine, Michele Eddins is expanding her designs into these lovely invitations. More exquisite photos below, reveals her lovely accessories, if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, you owe it to yourself to visit her site. Click on the title of this post to go directly to her site.


This tassel can be used as a drapery tie back or an accent on a lamp switch. I feel it would be fun to add it to each plate if you are having a rehearsal dinner, as a gift for bridesmaids, etc.


Michele makes lovely chokers and will customize them in your colors.


The clutches and purses are a vintage one of kind for a fun yet glamorous touch!!!


This lovely decanteur is one of my favorites for your bedroom or bathroom!!!

This gorgeous mirror can be custom made especially for you, the perfect keepsake.
Michele also makes hair bands and barretes, again, just tell her your colors and she works her majic.
No job is too large or too small for Michele, she takes pride in her vintage pieces, the detail feflects the whole story!!! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

DIY Projects You Will Love (Part 3)

How to make goblet votives

Make glowing goblets

Turn old goblets and trophies into sparkling candle holders. First, clean them well with with metal polish and a clean cloth. Fill with Microwaveable Soy Wax for Containers (by Yaley; $6.99 for 1 lb.; from

Add a Pre-Waxed Medium Bleached Wick with Wick Clip (by Yaley; $2.99 for six; from to make elegant, long-burning votives.

More:  Get our step-by-step instructions

Patterned gift wrap

Hand-printed gift wrap

With simple cookie cutters and paint, you can make your own distinctive wrapping paper.

Just dip the cutting edge of a cookie cutter (we used snowflakes and scalloped circles) into white heavy body acrylic paint (sold at art stores in 4-oz. tubs).

Stamp the cookie cutter onto a sheet of colorful paper, starting at a top corner. Create your own patterns by either joining or overlapping the shapes.

If the paint is too thick or lumpy, add a few drops of water and stir gently until thinned and smooth.

Leaf prints project

Easy fall decorating: DIY art from autumn leaves

Instant leaf prints

Bring nature's magic indoors with this simple project: Just gather a few of your favorite leaves or flowers, flatten them under a book, then copy them with a color photocopier.

Glue prints to canvas-covered boards (about $2 in art supply stores). Glue a small inexpensive wood frame to the back to act as hanger; it also sets off your print from the wall.

More:  How to make a leaf print

How to transform a chair

Transform a chair

Turn a drab thrift-store chair into a stylish accent for any room in your home. All it takes is some paint, fabric, basic supplies, and a free weekend. Take advantage of your resale shops, you will
find styles you like even in accessories, paint is not expensive!!

To start, choose a chair with no missing screws or loose legs; it should have interesting features or frame detail.

Or turn 2 or more chairs into an eclectic set. Look for designs that have a wooden frame and an upholstered seat and unify them with the same color and fabric.

More:  How to transform a chair

Etched jar

Etch glass

There is something magical about etching glass ― the process turns plain glass pieces into decorative objects in minutes.

The secret is etching cream. You simply apply it to the glass, and the surface turns into a translucent white. The results are beautiful, subtle, and lasting.

More: How to etch glass

I found it on Craigslist!c

Reinvent thrift store candlesticks

Turn mismatched candlesticks into a fresh new set by painting them an unexpected color (in this case, high-gloss indigo).

1. Remove any wax residue with paint thinner and a clean cloth.

2. Mist one coat of spray paint primer for metal onto the candlesticks, holding the can 10 to 12 inches away. Cover evenly with paint.

3. Once dry, spray two light coats of spray paint for metal. Hold the can at a distance to avoid drips. Cover the detail grooves evenly.

We used: Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch sandable spray primer in white and Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch gloss spray paint in navy blue.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY Projects You Will Love (Part 2)

Easy fall candle project

Nature's stained glass

Chinese pistache leaves are translucent enough to glow like stained glass when lit from behind. To celebrate their vivid fall beauty indoors, display them on simple glass hurricane candle holders.

Gather leaf cuttings from your garden (ginkgo and Japanese maple are other good choices).

Press them in a book overnight to keep them from crinkling, then use one or two Glue Dots on the back of each stem, affixing each leaflet to the outside surface of the glass.

CD jewel cases become grid of frames

Turn CD cases into frames

Castoff CD cases are the perfect size for creating a quilt-like grid collection of landscape photos.

From the book Photocraft: Cool Things to Do with the Pictures You Love: Scan or crop your images to the size of a CD case (5 3/8 in. wide by 4 5/8 in. high) then print on good photopaper and trim. We recommend using standard (not slim) cases. Discard plastic inserts.

Back each photo with cardboard or foam board and snap the cases shut. Attach them to the wall with 3-inch strips of sticky-back hood-and-loop fasteners (such as Velcro).
Picture frame becomes memory box

DIY decorating projects

Make a memory box table

Turn a deep photo frame and similar-sized side table into a venue for celebrating treasured keepsakes.

More: How to make this memory box table
Flower shop easy style

Make your own designer bouquet

Treat yourself to colorful bouquets and arrangements from a mini flower studio you can create at home.

All you need is a sink, a little counter space, and a few essential tools. See what you can do with a single bloom, and how to turn just about any vintage vessel into a vase. (Tip #1: Start with the freshest flowers you can find.)

More: Flower shop secrets

Drawer organizer becomes bento-box guest tray

Turn a drawer organizer into a bento-box guest tray  

Tuck a drawer organizer into a storage tote with some thoughtful amenities to make your houseguests feel like royalty. (Be forewarned: They’ll be eager for a return invite.)

How-to: Slip a drawer organizer into a fabric-covered box or other storage tote and stock it with a few travel-size essentials in coordinating materials and hues. Tie a washcloth with colorful string; wrap a bar of soap with wide ribbon; use letter stamps and a label sticker to personalize a scented candle.

Easy craft table

DIY workspace

To create your own instant workspace anywhere, put a flat birch hollow-core door atop two adjustable sawhorses.

Cover the door with self-healing vinyl board cover (available from art and drafting supply stores). The closer you can get the board cover to the exact size of your door, the better.

Stencil a basic measuring system onto the board cover, and you'll never need to hunt down a measuring stick.

Time: Four hours plus drying time

Cost: About $175

Monday, February 21, 2011

Minosa BLOG Sale is Back! - Bathroom washbasins

It's BACK! 22nd Feb 2011

We have been offering some great savings to all those affected by the terrible floods and now we want to extend these great savings to all of our BLOG readers!

Minosa BLOG Price - Order any one (or two) of our above counter bathroom basins** before April 1st and pay only $988.00 including GST

The Puddle washbasin & Scoop washbasin - Recommended Retail Price $1,250.00 AUD

Ovo & Kava Washbasin - Recommended Retail Price $1,398.00 AUD
*Delivery charges will be quoted at the point of enquiry.

**Minosa bathroom basins are ONLY made with Corian, available colours for our spring sale are; Glacier White & Venaro White.

This time round we are going to extend the great savings to the fixing brackets & bottle trap also - RRP = $764.00 inc, purchase with your washbasin and pay only $560.00 inc GST
*Delivery charges willbe quoted at the point of enquiry.

The above pricing is only available to our Bathroom blog readers ONLY; phone today 02 8090 9039 or email info@minosa and mention "Minosa Blog Sale 2011" to receive these great savings.These prices are not available at any other bathroom showroom or reseller ONLY direct thru Minosa Sydney & Melbourne. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other special or offer.

The entire collection of Minosa bathroom basins are hand made to order in Sydney. Minosa"terms & conditions" apply ask our friendly staff prior to ordering.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIY Projects You Will Love

How to make a wall vase

DIY: Fun weekend crafts and home projects

Shadowbox wall vase

Turn a shadow-box frame into a vessel for your favorite things from the garden or flower shop.

Flowers or cuttings ― such as these leucadendron blooms ― extend through the opening of a picture mat to create an organic work of 3-dimensional art.

Group two or three frames on the wall or use one for a tabletop display. Change the background and cuttings for a new look any time you like.

More:  How to make a shadowbox vase

Twigs tablescape

Tabletop twigscape

Create a mini forest for your table from elegant branches and twigs.

Here, tree-like twigs edge a stream bed of green pebbles running down the center of a sealed 30-inch piece of redwood.

More:  Make tabletop forests

How to decorate glassware with paint

Painted party glassware

Perk up your table by turning ordinary wine goblets into stylish geometric art glass. It just takes a little glass paint and a stencil or template.

Designer Sarah Caska used a fine-tip black permanent marker and enamel paint formulated for glass to create these Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired designs. The cost was about $36 for 8 decorated glasses, including stemware.

More: How to paint glassware

how to make a faux roman shade

Fake a Roman shade

In rooms where privacy isn't important, you can give windows all the dressing they need with shorter faux Roman shades. This is a budget friendly project from DIY.

They aren't full-length, so these tricksters require far less fabric than the real McCoy and can often be made from inexpensive remnants.

More: How to fake a Roman shade

Personalized river rock paperweights

Make a personalized paperweight

Turn smooth river rocks into a stylish paperweight with white rub-on transfers. Or turn it into refrigerator art by adding a small magnet to the back.

More:  DIY monogrammed paperweight

Flower lampshade design

Artful lampshade

A plain lampshade becomes instant art when you add a paper design to the inside lining. I LOVE
this affect!!!! What a break from the boring plain shade!!

The design remains invisible until you turn on the light. Click here for our template.

More:  Make an artful lampshade

Friday, February 18, 2011

Before And After : Mesra Terrace, Dutamas

After slogging away for the last few months...finally I am able to find some breather to continue updating this blog.

This is one of Chee Hoong's project last year. We are especially happy that the owners have very lovingly added the final touches like soft furnishings, lightings, and decor items cleverly picked out to compliment the whole look.

Ground Floor

Before :

After :

The Foyer

The Bathroom
* Note : Bathroom cabinet already provided by developer
Before :

After :

First Floor Kitchen and Dining Area
* Note : Wet and dry kitchen already provided by developer.

Before :

After :

Third Floor - Master Bedroom
Before :

After :

Second Floor - Children's Room
After :

Second Floor - Study Room

Cost of whole job = RM134,405