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free interior design

free interior design, Latest free interior design One of the first things you need to consider when deciding to learn online is the technical requirements of any course you are considering and buy any equipment that may be needed such as a web cam and microphone. Usually the essentials require that you have regular access to a computer of course, have access to a high-speed internet connection.

online course you need to take care and check to find out if there is published start and end dates for the course. Courses that have start and end dates have to be completed during this time, however you are able to choose when you work as long as you complete the course before the end date. If there is a start date, you will of course have to apply and enroll for the course before the start date. 

Color Painting Pictures

Color Painting Pictures, Well, there are a lot of things that one must consider when it comes to choosing exterior house paint. Choose the exterior house color, that suits and at the same time stands out in accordance with your neighboring houses, that too without letting the neighboring houses to overwhelm the charm that your house reflects. 

When it comes to Color Painting Pictures  paint, many people with aesthetic taste prefer the typical gray, tan and white house colors. Color Painting Pictures  such house owners to be bold and innovative over choosing the exterior color for their house.

interior design painting Tips

interior design painting Tips, Modern interior design painting Before beginning your project you will need to decide if you will be working with an interior designer or doing it yourself. Do you have a personal style that you want reflected in your home

interior design painting Tips decide to use to two completely distinct styles, such as cozy county and urban contemporary, it is best to use subtle touches. The room could be predominately one style, for example contemporary, with smaller complimentary country elements interspersed throughout the room. Larger contemporary pieces, such as the sofa or entertainment center, would give the room modern appeal, while the country elements would bring the rural warmth of a vacation cabin. A single larger piece in the country style could also work with a unified color scheme. Fabrics can additionally bring the two styles into compliment using juxtaposed patterns in the same color family. Integrating collections can also bring depth to a room and are best displayed in a vertical line. Rooms with mixed styles can often be the most interesting in the house when accomplished in the right way.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scoop®ED washbasin by Minosa™ - Modern Corian Hand Basin

Organically formed to provoke evolutionary change in bathing habits, the Scoop®ED washbasin by Minosa™ is a timeless bathroom design piece that exudes a modern style. The quality craftsmanship of this washbasin is evident in every detail from the meticulous selection of material, Corian® to the beautiful way the horizontal and vertical surfaces are seamlessly wrapped & grain matched.

Evoke, Provoke & Evolve!

Minosa™ wanted to push the boundaries of the Modern Luxury Bathroom market by producing a collection of washbasins that questioned all the residential & commercial bathroom market thought was normal! The “big idea” was to dramatically reduce the depth of the basin therefore pushing the market (that was willing to evolve) to question their habits. By reducing the bowl capacity you effectively have to reduce the flow rate coming from the spout in order to prevent splashing. Effectively reducing your water consumption by around 15 thousand litres per year!! The Scoop®ED washbasin will retain 1.4L of water which Minosa considers to be more than enough for people to perform their daily habits such as shaving & face washing.

Away from the water saving qualities of this modern washbasin we also wanted a material that had outstanding environmental qualities. We chose to utilize Corian® as it meets with all of our requirements. Being 100% renewable & having such a range of colours made it the obvious choice for our design team.

The Scoop®ED washbasin has a great range of options; two sizes 900 & 1200 with the option of having the bowls located in the centre, right hand or left hand side. There will also be a double version in two sizes 1600 & 1800mm coming in the very near future.

The Scoop®ED washbasin is a shining example of quality Handcrafted Australian design. Every piece from the Minosa™ collection is hand made to order locally here in Sydney.

Busacca Gallery

Mark Busacca, owner of Busacca Gallery is my featured article this week.
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The Busacca Gallery brings you contemporary & traditional museum quality
works of art and antiques. They are one of the most comprehensive art
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Whether it’s for the office, or art for the home, their online art gallery
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Busacca Gallery is looking for high-end, one of a kind, spectacular old and new artists, collectibles or top designer items from around the world, that can be purchased, or posted to our {No Cost} consignment web-site. In this respect, they want distinguishable art objects from top end collections, which may also include natural objects. Their goal is to make it easy to market, edit, catalog and sell specifically to targeted high end collectors within the world wide web art audience. All within a stunning secure, private hand-picked, beautiful and anonymous safe on-line powerful environment. Mark's job is to cherry pick the best art posted. Inclusion is pre-edited and catalog and published like a magazine so the buyer has a wonderful experience when looking for hard to find art objects on the web. They are doing all this to help the small seller to get the free tools, and opportunity to piggyback on us, without having to pay a fee up front. This opportunity keeps the dealer from having to build there own web site and database, that's only if they are unable afford or build this kind of online sophisticated system. The piece always stays with you until it is sold. The gallery makes absolutely nothing unless they are able to find a buyer for your art object. This can still give you that opportunity to sell and market the art object on your own. Busacca Gallery is compensated by the capability to perform, which means, the seller has nothing to lose if they post with them. This is a new cost effective exposure consignment system for the seller and buyer to do safe transactions within the collectible market place.

Mark Busacca Founder, Busacca Gallery
free consignment ?
2010 Hyde Street San Francisco, CA 94109
Gallery 415-776-0104 or cell 415-215-6533 Mark Busacca, owner of Busacca Gallery is my featured article this week.
The Gallery carries a High-end, one of a kind art Collectibles from around the world!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Introducing Minosa Kitchens Bathrooms & Interiors - Sydney

Minosa™ is a luxury bathroom brand established by the award-winning Australian designers Simona Castagna and Darren Genner, Minosa strives to create stunning modern bathroom products featuring the finest materials and exceptional craftsmanship here in Australia.

The boutique nature of Minosa™ enables the designers to be meticulous in relation to all phases of product development and client consultation, from user-friendly designs through to innovative material use and construction methods. Contrary to mass-produced bathroom products available in the mainstream bathroom market, Minosa bathroom products exude an elegant and highly functional individualism.

Our entire washbasin collection has been designed to provoke the Australian bathroom market to evolve & question their daily habits and the amount of water they consume! By producing this collection of seemingly flat washbasins it pushes the end user to consider how they actually work or prevent the water from splashing. With the use of water saving technologies we can dramatically reduce the flow of water to prevent splashing in your hand basin and prevent the over use of our precious commodity – water!

When you select a bathroom product from the Minosa™ Collection you are purchasing handcrafted Australian design and manufacture. Our collection is made to order here in Sydney to ensure we deliver the quality that you deserve, whether the size of the project is large or small.

Established in 2001, Minosa’s vision is ‘Quality without Compromise’.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Luxurious Coffee Table

The subtle yet decorative construction of the Louis Louis Square Cocktail Table makes it the perfect addition to your living room.

Beautiful and functional, the Long Cove Greenport Storage Cocktail Table in Midnight will be the perfect centerpiece for your living room

This beautiful plank table will fit perfectly in any modern decor. The natural, rustic look creates an age-old feel

Decorate with grandeur without having to search the world over with the Grand Salon Round Cocktail Table in Mocha Brown.

With sweeping dimensions, ambitious designs, and crafted from the finest materials, the occasional tables from the luxurious

Instead of traveling the world to find the finest materials and craftsmanship, just choose the Grand Salon Oval Storage Cocktail Table in Mocha Brown! This stunning cocktail table is classic and will fit in any room in your home

If you are into the modern style, this black contemporary cocktail table is perfect for you! Its straight lines and practical shelves are sure to match with your home's modern decor.

Modern dining room tables

Dining room tables

Modern dining room tables can add tremendous beauty to your home. Their clean, crisp lines allow you to dress them up or dress them down, depending on the occasion. During the holidays or other festival occasions, you can change the entire character of a dining room table with a special tablecloth or runner. For every day use, finely crafted modern dining room tables don't need much embellishment to look splendid in your home. The quality of the materials, originality of the designs and fine finishes will make your dining room table a focal point of your home.

for more via " Modern dining room tables "

Product Description

Did you know that the word 'Tavla' means table in Ancient Arawak' Archeologists discovered that this ancient tribe harvested thin strips of wood from the rare Veneer Tree (Veneerifus Treeus) and formed some of the first dining tables known to man. O.K., so we're making that up. But even a little white lie can't detract from the true beauty of our Tavla Dining Table. A crisp, clean veneer top is anchored by a nearly indestructible steel frame and leg support. The table will look equally good in your dining room or in the office. It is magnificently simple and simply magnificent.

Product Description

Sure, you could get one of those cavernous leafed tables with seating for 22, but what's the point? Better to tend to your sense of style and fashion than to keep a table around that's only used twice a year. This table fills the bill nicely. Big enough to seat a dinner party but small enough that two can hold hands across it during an intimate dinner, our glass-topped dining table is an exercise in simple elegance. With this dining table in your home, you'll look forward to every meal together, large or small.

Product Description

Seat six with plenty of space to spread out for a multi course extravaganza with this well crafted and superbly built table. The silky smooth dark top is almost like glass, creating a striking reflection that plays with the light from above and from the side. The sturdy stainless steel legs are small but strong, so you don't have to worry about your guests sacrificing comfort for an overly verbose, bulbous carved leg. Instead, they have plenty of room to spread out as they enjoy the spread before them. Rarely has a table been so functional yet so attractive.

Product Description

Dining room tables have always been problematic. For daily use, a small table fills the bill well for most families. But it is woefully inadequate when entertaining or having a holiday feast. One option is to lug in the painfully heavy leaves and jostle them into the table's mechanism. This table offers a much more salient approach. The leaf installs effortlessly, allowing you to quickly scale the table to match the occasion.

Product Description

Whether you're planning a holiday extravaganza, a sumptuous buffet or a sit down gourmet meal, space is always at a premium. Who hasn't created a multi course culinary masterpiece, only to find there isn't enough table space? This extendable table is here for you. Running out of room for food and/or guests? Simply pull out the extension and voila – all the space you need for both.

Cushions Of New Decor

Complementary citrus and green give a fresh look. Rattan and wooden Thomas Dare furniture and Crucial Trading sisal carpet create a summery feel, while voiles bleach out the windows and bathe the room in light. Shutters give extra privacy and control. The glass-topped table reflects light, enhancing the space. Spiky plants give architectural interest and echo the cushion print.

Patterned purple wallpaper teamed with an antique-style mirror creates a focal point out of the fireplace in this dramatic living room. The purple of the walls is mirrored in a rich aubergine rug and ottoman. An opulent combination of rich fig shades and glistening silver accessories creates a grown-up living space.

Green and red furniture and accessories provide colourful accents in this living room. The bold print shade ties into the scheme, repeating its colours and cushions. The dark grey walls and white flooring creates a soft and subtle backdrop

Bold red makes a statement against fresh green walls in this living room. Faux fur cushions and a textured rug keep the look cosy, while a glass coffee table creates a feeling of space, and its similarity to the dining table links the open-plan areas together.

A neutral colour palette of dusky pinks and greys creates an informal yet sophisticated look in this living room. A modular sofa is perfect for family to sit together, and upholstery in a darker colour like grey is ideal for hiding stains. Multifunctional furniture is key. For instance, the footstools can also be used as chairs or as storage boxes for magazines.

Give a traditional living room scheme a contemporary twist with super-sized and super-bright florals on the walls. Here, drops of patterned wallpaper are combined with drops of plain to create a bespoke effect. Neutral floors maintain a traditional look, while hits of punchy colour are added for a scheme that’s modern yet timeless.

Mustard florals and dark wood furniture, and matching flooring, create a Fifties-style look in this living room. The floral print on unlined curtains is emphasised by daylight shining through, in a scheme where different floral fabrics work together due to a common colour palette

Oriental Rugs was founded by the largest importer of Oriental rugs in New England. We offer a large selection of area rugs with the finest collection of Persian rugs to fit into the decor in any area of your home. We pay for shipping to your door inside the continental US.

Professional designers choose an oriental rugs first to define the palette of colors for the room, even with bath rugs and kids rugs. The Oriental area rugs have to visually tie the other colors in the room together. Unlike shag rugs oriental rugs have elaborate patterns and multiple colors.

The best procedure when decorating a room is to pick rugs in the colors you like best and build the room décor around that. has oriental rugs, whether they are hand knotted or hand tufted rug, for every area of your home with arrays of colors and styles to fit any taste.

A division of Kaoud Oriental Rugs, is the fastest growing online retailer of oriental area rugs in the North America. We buy from the best suppliers from around the world, which means our selection and prices are unbeatable. We have relationships with the best manufacturers like; Nourison, Oriental Weavers, Shaw rugs, Dalyn rug, Momeni rugs, Couristan rugs, Capel rugs, and Chandra Rugs. From the best synthetic carpet rugs to the highest quality wool rugs, you will find the oriental rugs that fit you décor perfectly at

We have been taking care of the publics décor needs for over 50 years. With 3 generations experience in this industry, we can satisfy all of your oriental area rug needs. We offer a dizzying selection of styles at rock bottom prices. Every area rug has free shipping within the Continental United States. We have an extensive line of discount rugs l and we offer a 150% Low Price Guarantee and a 30-Day In Home Trial so you can be sure the rug you saw on the computer screen looks just as good in your home.

Whether you are looking to start from scratch with a new room or add new life to an existing rooms decor , oriental rugs are the perfect way to change the ambiance or character of a room.

In addition to decor and design changes, oriental area rugs can help absorb the noise level in a room with otherwise hard surface floors.
It can also add warmth to cold wood or ceramic flooring.

There's an endless array of area rug styles and designs to choose from like contemporary to traditional or European to far eastern designed Oriental rugs in stock and ready to ship.

Shag Rugs

Shag Rugs were very popular in the 1960s and 1970’s and not until very recently has there has been a resurgence in their appeal. There’s nothing quite like the feel of a nice-warm-fluffy shag rug under your feet. They are so much softer than a sisal rug. They are nice and soft and have a casual “shaggy” appearance. Though braided rugs feel soft they don’t have the same soft look. Shag rugs are different than most other rugs in that their fiber loops are left intact to create their pile, and that’s why they are so soft and have such “shagginess”. This is how a hand tufted rug looks before it is sheared.

In their early years, shag rugs were mainly found in oval shapes. They virtually always consisted of solid designs and weren’t as pleasing on the eye as they are now. Modern versions of these carpet rugs come in a greater assortment of shapes, sizes and some down right urbane contemporary rugs. Modern shag area rugs are made up of much higher quality materials than they were in their infancy so they last a lot longer. The higher quality, increased durability and fun styles and colors mean they make great kids rugs.

Most shag rugs are still made up of synthetic fibers however these days you can find some interesting variations. You will find them as cotton rugs, wool rugs, silk rugs, linen rugs and even leather rugs.

One great place to use shag rugs is in bedrooms. The hard/cold surfaces in bathrooms, like tile floors, toilet, sinks and tubs, can be offset with patches of soft and warm bath rugs. Shag rugs help absorb noise which is something to keep in mind when thinking about the areas where you may want to use them.

Generally you get what you pay for in life and shag rugs are no exception. The cheaper the discount rugs the sparser the tufts that make up the pile, which means less structure and lower overall quality. But we have great quality rugs from the biggest manufacturers of shag rugs including: Shaw Rugs, Dalyn Rug, Couristan Rugs, Chandra Rugs and Momeni Rugs.

What a lot of people like about shag rugs is their ability to change the look of a room. Though some people think of them as retro looking, most are attracted by their simplicity and feel. They are much simpler than oriental rugs or persian rugs. But we highly recommend Shag rugs. Take advantage of their warmth, comfort, bold design when decorating your house.

Kids Rugs

Kids Rugs don’t have to be just for kids. Think of them as Fun Rugs for the kid in all of us. We have an ever expanding selection of kids rugs with something for everyone from newborns to tweens to teens to just plain fun.

Kids rugs are the key to livening up a child’s room. As the foundation of any rooms’ décor, kids rugs bring in color and add excitement to any childs room. Some of the newest and most popular styles in kids shag rugs are the Mary-Kate and Ashley collection from Shaw Rugs. They are manufactured with high quality nylon in a state of the art facility to ensure superb durability, and resilience even in the tough environment of a child’s room. Mary Kate and Ashley rugs are extremely distinctive contemporary rugs with an eye toward the latest trends using unique combinations of colors and patterns.

RugSale long lasting relationships with the best suppliers from around the world like: Nourison, Oriental Weavers, Dalyn rug, Momeni Rugs, Couristan Rugs, Capel Rugs, and Chandra Rugs. These carefully cultivated relationships mean our selection and price points are the best. Kids rugs need to be made from soft materials unlike sisal rugs. From the best synthetic materials to the highest quality wool rugs, you will find area rugs that fits your child’s décor perfectly at

If you are looking for unique kids rugs for a nursery, a children’s or even a teens room oriental rugs and persian rugs won’t fit the bill. A good kids rug need to be affordable also like discount rugs. We have kids carpet rugs or even braided rugs to create the an amazing room for your child. Interesting patterns and colors add a lively atmosphere to kids bedrooms and playroom. The energy they add is also a great alternative to expensive wallpapers and time consuming special paint jobs.

Most kids rugs use primary color pallets (red, blue, yellow), but with the right touches you can draw these colors through the rest of the room. If you add colors from the rug in the bedding or curtains you can give the room a cohesive quality and make the room very vibrant. This can also be done with bath rugs. This is the simplest and most inexpensive alternative to using themes and characters your child will outgrow which will mean you will have to redecorate it all over again.

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Kitchen Cabinets ideas

 Kitchen Cabinets ideas To begin with, you should account for certain factors when searching for the right kitchen design for you. Start with evaluating your budget requirements and make yourself stay within that budget as best as you can. 

Kitchen Cabinets ideas best way to do this is to make sure that the design you choose can be achieved through the budget you have set for the project. Another way is to consider the common theme that you have currently for your home as the one for your new kitchen, but this is only a choice, not a necessity. You should also take into consideration family size and the numbers of people that will probably utilise your kitchen. For example, bigger families or those with younger children may need to consider a different design type than couples or single people.

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What do you want me to write about? Please feedback.

Hello everyone!

Sometimes I receive emails asking for advice on home renovation decisions to make. Should I do this or should I not? This type of questions.

I am in the process of writing a website, a content-full site, with a minimum of 31 pages ( yeah, it will probably take me ages to complete but I'll start to publish it without waiting for all 31 pages to be ready!). I have in mind something that is really helpful to share with the public, not just the usual sales talk.

I would like to invite all of you to participate by emailing me the concerns and areas that you wish to read about concerning home renovations. Please label your emails with the title "Suggested topics for new website " and mail to .

Thank you for your participation!


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Kids Room Murals

Kids Room Murals Murals for living room need to be chosen carefully. These do not necessarily need to reflect personal likes and style. A common Kids Room Mural sand must be kept simple and should match well with the rest of the Kids Room Murals decor.

Kids Room Murals murals are just one more way that you can customize any nursery theme. Purchase a wallpaper mural from a nearby store or see what you can find online, paint a mural by hand or see about using nursery stickers.


Murals are large scale paintings which are applied directly to walls, ceilings, and other large flat surfaces. probably the oldest human art form. They started out as a form of communication back in the cave days and became a form of home décor around the turn of the century.