Friday, March 18, 2011

Asian Kitchen designer by Troy Adams

Troy Adams is an award winning interior designer who is currently based out of West Hollywood California. He has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, websites and TV appearances such as Oprah and HGTV's Designer Chalengefor his interior and product design concepts.Troy Adams is also known as the creator of FusionDesign.

Troy Adams is internationally recognized as the creator of FusionDesign ™ in luxury kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe system design. His inspiration and unique perspective came to him during his seventeen-year tenure in Hawaii, where East meets West, and nature-inspired island elements abound. FusionDesign ™ draws on Asian, European, and American design sensibilities. Mr. Adams believes that in order to create a living space as individualistic as its owner’s taste, each space needs to take into account its surrounding spaces.

This kitchen design is a fine example of my FusionDesign philosophy in practice. It subtly blends contemporary European elements with soothing Asian accents like the glass shoji screen doors and Zen water feature, while offering increased functionality for the American lifestyle.

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