Thursday, April 7, 2011

Garden Rooms

A mudroom with a sink and dishwasher.

Potting Room Deluxe

This workroom/potting room at the rear of the garage has a narrow sink with double faucets set into a poured concrete counter , which was stained green and given a rock-face edge. A small fridge doubles as a cooler for cut flowers. Painted tongue-and-groove paneling makes the space feel fresh and tidy but also resists mildew.

This laundry room/potting room has red walls and mosaic tiles.

At the Ready

In this combination laundry and potting room, a swiveling cabinet door is hung with hooks for organizing hand tools.

A potting room right off of a porch filled with plants.

A Simple Plan

A potting room can be as simple as a small shed or corner of the garage, as this one is, as long as there's a nearby water source. The most important feature is a counter at a comfortable height for performing the otherwise back-breaking task.

A mudroom with an antique sink and bench.

Floral Dream

This mudroom serves as a flower arranging workroom. The owner added decorative legs to the extra-large sink, which is often filled with freshly cut blooms for the yard.

A mudroom with an antique sink.

.......And the Kitchen Sink
This antique sink may have originally come from a laboratory. So heavy it took four men to carry it, the owner has placed it on a solid slate counter with steel supports. This deep basin is large enough for flowers and dishes.

A room near the kitchen with cabinets and a deep sink.

Expand the Kitchen

Next to the kitchen is a "garden room" that extends the kitchen's functionality and serves myriad of purposes. The deep farmhouse sink makes this an ideal spot for pruning and arranging flowers.

A utility room with a sink and flowers.

The Beauty of Utility

There is no reason a utility room can't be as beautiful as any other room in the house. This pantry/mudroom, which connects the home's living room to both kitchen and screened porch, has the same floors, cabinetry, and windows are the kitchen.

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