Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art Displays

Bathing Beauty

Sometimes it's a struggle to find the right kind of art for the bathroom. A common theme is to go nautical, but we prefer the modern mesh sculpture in this bathroom designed by architect Andreas Charalambous. The figural sculpture is hung from airplane wire so it moves gently, creating different shadows throughout the day, thanks to a skylight above. The mesh also nicely complements the charcoal-gray slate floor.

On the Lowdown

This bedroom corner, designed by Gregory Augustine, provides a comfortable spot to rest and read in the afternoon. But, notice the interesting placement of the artwork. Art was hung below the windowsill to be enjoyed at eye level while seated. It's a great idea that adds sophistication to comfort.

Frame It Up

Designer Elissa Russo creates this hallway focal point with a photograph in a burled wood-trim frame to connect architecturally to the antique chest underneath. Alone, the photo would have been too small, floating in space above the heavy piece of furniture. But the trim, and the carefully placed objects underneath, create a stunning scenario.

Delicious Pairing

The painting's subject matter in this Ammie Kim-designed dining room is perfect for a dining area. The frame picks up the golden tones that are used throughout the room and the art is hung at the perfect height (just slightly above eye level of seated diners).

Glamorous Gold

Designer Simon Temprell demonstrates how art can transform a plain-Jane space. The Renaissance-era painting in a dramatic, gilded frame and the oversized candelabra sconces bring instant character to the room.

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