Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Modern Kitchen

Ever imagine what a modern kitchen should look like and feel like? We are working on this modern European style kitchen for a villa in Setia Ecopark.

The cost for this set is RM36,600 with full accessories and comes with Silestone table top.

Depending on choice of materials, the cabinet cost will change accordingly as follows :

1)  Laminates  -  RM12,563
2)  Pigment Matt  -  RM14,862
3)  Finoline Laminates  -  RM17,906
4)  High Gloss Pigment  -  RM19,944
5)  Venato Veneer  -  RM21,908
6)  Crystal Gloss, Oak timber  -  RM22,181
7)  Veneer Finoline  -  RM25,155
8)  High Gloss Black  -  RM29,255

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